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Watch this: NASA takes you on a trip to see 'Earthrise' first-hand

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earthrise (nasa)
earthrise (nasa)

"Earthrise," a photograph considered by many to be one of the most important photographs ever taken, has until now been only a photograph. But, for the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission that yielded the photo, NASA has digitally recreated the moment when astronaut William Anders captured it using CG imagery and audio from inside the Apollo module itself. "The video allows anyone to virtually ride with the astronauts and experience the awe they felt at the vista in front of them," writes NASA in its announcement blog post.

It will be at least another few years before Elon Musk and Richard Branson fly us to the moon for weekend trips, but until then, NASA's latest video is as close as you can get to seeing the dark side of the moon — and the Earthrise waiting on the other side.