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A day in the life of a virtual air traffic controller

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Moonlighting as a virtual pilot isn't all sunshine and rainbows. In "Flights of fancy: Inside the intense world of virtual pilots," The Washington Post follows virtual air traffic controller Kyle Rodgers as he spends a day guiding virtual aircraft into a virtual representation of Washington's Reagan National Airport. "Nothing bothers me, unless it takes me out of the feeling of actually being in the Sim," Rodgers said. "In the end, looking back, I spent 14 hours of my day doing little to nothing."

Rodgers is one of 70,000 virtual flight enthusiasts who gather inside VATSIM, an online network of virtual pilots and traffic controllers. "It's the biggest fantasy league you've never heard of," writes The Post's Lydia DePillis. There's no winning in VATSIM, and in some cases, there's no crashing, even, but there are in some cases real-world stakes. DePillis writes, "If you want to break into the highly competitive air traffic controller profession, it's a good place to hang out." For the full story, head over to The Washington Post.