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Legendary hacker Geohot busts rhymes instead of code

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Meet 'tomcr00se'

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George Hotz (Share conference)
George Hotz (Share conference)

George "Geohot" Hotz has accomplished many things. In 2007, aged just 17, he became the first person to successfully jailbreak an iPhone, and within three years he'd also managed to hack the until-then secure PlayStation 3. After Sony filed a lawsuit against him for the hack, Hotz memorably took to YouTube to release a rap track in response. Although he still codes, and recently won a competition for doing so, Hotz has another ambition: to be a successful rapper. And he's apparently got the Soundcloud account to prove it.

Hiding with your laptop, in a bag of groceries

Ingots in sacks, hoping thats said jokingly

Leaving me to hashtag wait and hope and see

Behind 7 proxies, you ran all locally.

Under the name tomcr00se, it appears Hotz began to unleash his musical talents on the world a few months ago. "I write 16s sometimes. I should probably start sharing them if I ever want to make it as a rapper," the aspiring MC says. Treading the fine line between straight rap and 808s and Heartbreaks-era Kanye ("Cycles"), Hotz has a collection of freestyles, track previews, and 16-bar rhymes ready for your listening pleasure.

Hotz tackles a wide range of topics and takes on a number of seemingly conflicted personas during his adventures in rap. While his hacking background shines through in some tracks ("25 Down Guarana") much of his material focuses on tired bitch-'n'-ho tropes and Slim Shady-esque lyrics intended to shock and disgust ("Literally Sick").

Round up a cavewoman, stomp her out with doc martens

Screaming bitch make me dinner like a little white Cartman

And she's too old to get her face put on milk cartons

Baby by the milk man, fuck no, abortion

Please can I keep it, ho quit your talkin'

Only carriage she rocks is off a cliff: Clara Barton.