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News anchor receives Bitcoin on TV only to have it promptly stolen

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bloomberg btc gift
bloomberg btc gift

Theft has been rampant in the Bitcoin community ever since the virtual currency was launched in 2009. That's why it's important to understand how it works before you try to use it.

Bloomberg TV host Matt Miller gave two anchors $20 worth of Bitcoin each using a paper certificate with a QR code made by the company Lazzerbee. Unfortunately, Miller flashed one of the private keys at the camera, unaware that he'd opened the account up to theft. It wasn't long before someone collected the Bitcoin.

Miller flashed the private key at the camera

A Reddit user named "milkywaymasta" claimed credit for the digital mugging, bragging that it was "exhilarating." He or she promised to transfer the funds back as soon as the owner created a new address for which the keys haven't been broadcast on daytime television.

"A segment on Bitcoin security and the importance of NOT showing the private key and also BIP0038 (Password Encrypted Private Keys) Wallets will be more than enough compensation," milkywaymasta wrote.