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Kanye's ambitious Yeezus tour brings fashion, dance, architecture, and music together

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Kanye West 3
Kanye West 3

Kanye West is rarely one for simplicity. Over the past decade, he's been extending his work into more and more mediums, creating an over 30-minute-long short film around a single song, collaborating with highly regarded artists to design his album covers, and founding the design company Donda. But according to Interiors Journal, West's Yeezus Tour — which wrapped up last night — is perhaps his most impressive amalgamation of artistic mediums yet.

Interiors reports that The Yeezus Tour blends fashion, choreography, architecture, and more together with West's music to create a grand and cohesive performance. The show reportedly includes an approximately 50-foot-tall mountain, a massive LED screen displaying information and visualizations, 10 couture wardrobe pieces, and a dozen masked dancers. "The Yeezus Tour will be remembered for its seamless balancing of all elements of the arts, while Kanye West himself will be known as the architect of this creative endeavor," Interiors writes. You can read its full breakdown of the show over at ArchDaily, where it's mocked up diagrams of the set's different pieces as well.