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Roger Ebert documentary will stream directly to crowdfunders from Sundance Film Festival

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Roger Ebert & Russ Meyer
Roger Ebert & Russ Meyer

The crowdfunding campaign to complete Life Itself, the documentary about Roger Ebert's life, has collected a little more than $100,000 since its launch last month. With such an ennobled subject, director Steve James soon followed up by announcing that the film is heading to the Sundance Film Festival in January. In addition, backers will be able to simultaneously stream the film at home when it premieres on January 19th. Viewers will also have the chance to take part in a Q&A after the movie.

The documentary is still roughly $50,000 away from its goal, so James has extended the deadline to January 13th. The money will be used to finish post-production on the film. Ebert's wife Chaz took to today to express her feelings as the premiere approaches, saying, "I am looking forward to seeing it. I suspect that it will elicit both tears and smiles from me and my family, and that more than anything I will wish that Roger was there to see it with me."