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First phone to ship with CyanogenMod is now on sale for $599

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Oppo N1
Oppo N1

The highly-anticipated Oppo N1 is finally on sale for $599 at limited retailers and the Oppo store.

The device is one of the more creative-looking Android phones, with a swiveling camera and a separate button accessory. But it's significant because of its software: customers can choose either Android or CyanogenMod, the heavily-modified version of Android favored by people who like to hack on their phones. The limited edition CyanogenMod version comes in baby blue with the company's logo.

The N1 is the only device to come preinstalled with CyanogenMod, but it's all been cleared by Google: Mountain View has certified the device, allowing the N1 to include Google Play and Google apps. Cyanogen has also released the source code so that N1 users can further customize their phones.

The phone comes in baby blue with the Cyanogen logo

Cyanogen is hoping its version of Android will become the third-most popular mobile operating system in the world after iOS and Android. The company recently raised $23 million from investors, and the shipment of its first phone shows it's on its way.