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Sony and Panasonic reportedly cancel OLED TV partnership

Sony and Panasonic reportedly cancel OLED TV partnership

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Just 18 months after signing a deal to partner on the production of OLED televisions, Sony and Panasonic have decided to call it off. The Wall Street Journal cites anonymous sources for the news, hinting that the pair may instead focus on bringing LCD-based 4K televisions to the market instead.

Although the deal apparently yielded advances in the speed of OLED production, it didn't lead to much in the way of consumer products. Both companies exhibited 56-inch 4K OLED television prototypes at CES earlier this year, but neither ended up releasing any OLED-based sets this year, leaving Samsung and LG alone in the market. The Wall Street Journal does note that Sony and Panasonic "may still explore cooperating on production technology for OLED panels in the future," but it appears that, for now at least, OLED development is at a standstill.

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