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To get the girl, game designer crafts his own playable wedding proposal

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Knight Man game (youtube)
Knight Man game (youtube)

Like in football, wedding proposals often involve taking a knee. But 3D designer Robert Fink had a completely different kind of game in mind when it came to his own proposal — a video game. To propose to his girlfriend of nearly three years, Fink and two of his friends created a fake platformer and (lovingly) tricked her into playing it, all under the guise that she was helping him play test the project. The whole thing was captured on video, which has a happy ending. The game itself can be played in the browser, and Fink has made it available for others to try out. He's also set up donations to let people pitch in for what he says will be a "dream" wedding for the Portland, OR-based pair.

Collect pieces of a ring to get a real one

This isn't the first time weddings and video games have mixed. Last year another couple invited guests to their wedding with a playable invitation that took the form of a Final Fantasy clone, complete with boss battles. Here's Fink's creation, which involves gathering pieces of a ring while avoiding death at all costs: