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Terrifying new promos released for 'Battlestar Galactica' creator Ron Moore's 'Helix'

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Helix Ron Moore SyFy
Helix Ron Moore SyFy

It's been over a month since we saw another look into Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore's new series Helix, but now a flood of new promos have come out and things are only getting creepier. The show follows a group of scientists that travel to the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak. As these new teasers suggest, they soon find themselves in over their heads, fighting against pathogens and unknown creatures in an apocalyptic struggle. Possibly the creepiest of the bunch isn't the two fast-paced, Lost-like snippets, but the "Access Granted to Meditation" clip that shows a group of people following a meditation routine wearing alien-like goggles, with a eerie and bloody ending.

Like the previously released trailers, these promos offer few plot details, but use extremes to set the tone of the show. They vary from dramatic sound effects and fast-paced action to stark silence and simple monologues, yet they all seem to make sense together. We now get a better look at the Helix cast as well, which includes former Once and Again star Billy Campbell, and Revenge and Lost alum Hiroyuki Sanada. Helix is scheduled to begin on January 10th on SyFy, and you can visit SyFy's YouTube page to watch all the new promos and trailers.