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Microsoft releases Solitaire, Mahjong, and a new Minesweeper for Windows Phone

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microsoft windows phone games 640
microsoft windows phone games 640

Some people don't need a list of the best apps for their new phone. They simply need a classic game to keep them occupied. Realizing that, Microsoft has just added three of the most popular Windows PC timewasters ever made to Windows Phone: Solitaire, Mahjong, and a new version of Minesweeper.

Not the only game in town

Microsoft doesn't have any special claim to these games, and you can find plenty of other companies selling versions of them on Windows Phone and any other platform you can name. Still, Microsoft's versions have been a key part of Windows for many years now, and if these copies are any good they're likely to be very well received. Plus, each has Xbox Live integration, so you can compete with friends on Microsoft's leaderboards. The new Microsoft Solitaire Collection also has a "Play, Pause, Resume" feature that lets you take a game with you when you transition between using a Windows 8 PC and a Windows Phone.

You can find links to all three apps at our source link below.