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The Weekender: tweaking Twitter, broadcasting Batman, and cutting up California

The Weekender: tweaking Twitter, broadcasting Batman, and cutting up California


The best of the week gone by

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Welcome to The Verge: Weekender edition. Every Saturday, we'll bring you some of the best and most important reads of the past seven days, from original reports, to in-depth features, to reviews and interviews. Think of it as a collection of some of our favorite pieces that you may have missed — or that you may just want to read again. You can follow along below, or keep up to date on Flipboard.

  • Feature

    Start here: the best apps for all your new devices

    Get something cool this week? If you've got a new smartphone, tablet, or game console, we've got a list of exactly what games and apps you'll want to start playing on it.

  • Feature

    The Verge at work: making perfect pictures on your iPhone

    Smartphones can take pretty great photos these days, but capturing the perfect shot requires a lot more than pointing and shooting. Here's everything you need to know about getting the best photos out of your smartphone.

  • Report

    Classics: 'Batman: Knightfall' BBC Radio drama

    Batman may have been born in a comic book, but it's on the radio that one of his finest incarnations took shape. The BBC's 1994 production of Knightfall shows how Bruce Wayne doesn't need more than a voice to become a hero.

  • Review

    Apple Mac Pro review (2013)

    It's been years since Apple paid any real attention to the Mac Pro. But evidently in Cupertino, when it rains, it pours, and this year's Mac Pro is a desktop to behold: a sleek, diminutive machine that's both a powerhouse and a work of art.

  • Report

    'Six Californias' ballot initative would make Silicon Valley a state

    Venture capitalist Tim Draper is serious about the idea of splitting up California, and he believes that he can get his proposal on next November's ballot. The idea? Six Californias, each of which could focus on what they do best.

  • Gallery

    Tomorrow's robots drive, climb, and drill through walls at DARPA trials

    Research groups brought some of the most advanced robots in the world down to Florida last weekend to compete for an ultimate prize of $2 million in funding for their labs. Here's what robots of the future may look like — or at least, what they'll come from.

  • Report

    All jacked in and nothing to play: chasing the perfect VR game

    The Oculus Rift and other virtual reality headsets are primed to change the way we play games — but first, someone has to figure out what exactly that change should look like. We spoke with a number of developers to see what's holding VR games back (and after that, how we'll actually control them).

  • Report

    Beyond Ballmer: meet Microsoft’s top CEO candidates

    Four men are rumored to be on the shortlist to become Microsoft's next CEO. It'll be a complex position at a complicated time in Microsoft's history, so we're looking over their credentials to see who has the right background to keep Microsoft together.

  • Report

    Building a better nest: Inside Twitter's continuous redesign

    Twitter won't stop changing. Whether users love it or hate it, Twitter's design team plans to keep tweaking how Twitters looks, works, and feels until the service is friendlier for everyone. We spoke with product VP Michael Sippey about what those changes might look like down the road.

  • Report

    Growing up gamer: should your child play classic games?

    Despite all the concern around preserving old games, the most difficult part about keeping classics alive may simply be getting future generations to play them.