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Watch this: 'Space Dandy' is a swashbuckling, madcap sex caper

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Shinichiro Watanabe is already a legend in anime circles for Cowboy Bebop, but his latest project, Space Dandy, is making headlines for different reasons. The series, which follows a pompadoured alien hunter as he collects exotic species, is being broadcast in Japan and the US simultaneously, an unprecedented move for a Japanese series. And to drum up interest for the January 4th premiere, the creators have released a 10-minute preview of what viewers can expect. The bad news: it's in Japanese, neither subbed nor dubbed. The good news: a bar full of weird-looking aliens needs no translation.

Dandy 10min Preview by pKjd

For a more gaijin-friendly explanation of the show, here's Toonami's trailer for the January 4th premiere.