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TNT teases 'Mob City' by tweeting out first episode's script line-by-line

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TNT is teasing the premiere of its Mob City miniseries by adapting its first episode for an unlikely medium: Twitter. The network plans to tweet out a "line-by-line adaptation" of nearly the entire script of the first episode, adding in images and Vines of pilot footage to turn the script into something closer to a vibrant storyboard. TNT completed tweeting the first two and a half scenes yesterday, and plans to continue with the script today at 10AM ET. It'll conclude on Wednesday, leaving readers at a point just before the episode's conclusion in hopes that they'll be intrigued enough to tune in.

The three-part miniseries follows a clash between police and mobsters in 1940s Los Angeles as a new police task force begins looking to rein in criminals. Frank Darabont, showrunner for the first season of The Walking Dead, wrote and directed the series first episode and oversaw the series as a whole. The show begins Wednesday at 9PM ET and will continue over the following two Wednesdays, but TNT's early look can already be found over at Twitter, or — if you're a fan of chronological ordering — at its Mob City website, which is pulling together all of the tweets in a way that's a bit easier to digest.