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Netflix breaking from all-at-once release strategy with first kids series 'Turbo Fast'

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Turbo Fast Netflix press image
Turbo Fast Netflix press image

Netflix's first original series for kids, Turbo Fast, will debut on December 24th. The show is a collaboration between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, borrowing characters from the studio's feature film Turbo. But with its latest original programming, Netflix is deviating from the all-at-once release strategy it's followed for House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and the fourth season of Arrested Development. Instead of releasing an entire season on day one, just five episodes of Turbo Fast will be available for streaming on Christmas Eve. Additional new episodes will follow "throughout the year" according to Netflix. It's an entirely different approach, but it's not surprising to see the company experimenting.

In its Q3 2013 letter to shareholders, Netflix noted that original shows see "more viewing in the early months" after they first premiere. Holding back new episodes could help stretch Turbo Fast's window of popularity with young viewers. Amazon has adopted a similar strategy with its own original programming. The company released three episodes of Alpha House earlier this month, with new episodes arriving weekly thereafter. Netflix isn't getting that specific, which suggests new episodes of Turbo Fast may come on a less frequent basis.