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NORAD teams up with Internet Explorer to release mobile-ready Santa tracker

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NORAD santa
NORAD santa

After switching its Santa-stalking efforts from Google over to Bing last year, the Northern American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is now doubling down on its partnership with Microsoft with its latest tracking utility. Those who visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website on their tablets will now be treated to a fully touch-enabled experienced decked out with games, Santa-themed trivia, and Christmas carols, along with updates on where in the world Santa might be on his Yuletide journey.

The overall site was designed by the Internet Explorer team, and is fashioned to resemble the stop-motion holiday films of yesteryear. Users are invited to touch the 3D-rendered North Pole, loaded with unlockable content that verges on gratuitous. Microsoft has also designed apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android to supplement the experience. Bing Maps still is the crux of the endeavor, though, as users will be able to track Santa's whereabouts from their phone or tablets on December 24th, along with how many gifts were delivered.

Google's own Santa Tracker has serious competition.