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In Montana, unlikely allies unite to fight fossil fuels

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The fight against fossil fuels is sweeping the state of Montana — and those protesting new infrastructure for coal and oil production aren't quite your usual suspects. Environmentalist groups are being joined by cowboys, farmers, and Native American tribes in efforts to stymie ventures they say threaten to be disastrous for the state.

Right now, that informal alliance is largely focused on pushing back against Canada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would siphon crude oil from up north all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Advocates for the project say it would generate jobs and vital revenue for the state, but as Al Jazeera America explores, local concerns are growing. Largely, the opposition contends, residents of the state would face most of the risks — including major spills — without reaping much economic benefit. It's a perfect illustration of the emerging, sprawling fossil-fuel resistance," said activist Bill McKibben. "It's necessarily centered in local concerns."