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Kickstarter project turns ideas, money into 'supersized' artwork of the internet

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Benjamin Redford
Benjamin Redford

Remember The Million Dollar Homepage, which sold off pixels on a website akin to advertising? A crafty artist figured out how to do the same thing with his work, albeit using Kickstarter. Illustrator Benjamin Redford's project divides a 24 x 36-inch poster into cubes that can be purchased for a dollar a piece. Redford will then draw whatever project backers request into a "supersized" work, which will go up for sale afterwards for $50 a print.

Some of the early requests have ranged from the mundane like cities and landmarks to the more obscure, like "a wrestling match between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich with an audience of animals wearing business attire."

The project launched last week, and hit its funding goal in less than nine hours. Since then, it's gone on to reach more than twice its original goal of $2,000, and has 25 more days to go. It's not the first such Kickstarter success for Redford, who also created Projecto, a $34.99 miniature projector for Instagram snaps.