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Catch up on 2013's hottest music with DJ Earworm's 'United State of Pop' mashup

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united state of pop 2013
united state of pop 2013

Your crash course on the year in pop has arrived. DJ Earworm has released his annual "United State of Pop" mashup, which mixes together the 25 most popular tracks in the US — as determined by Billboard's Hot 100 — into a single song. This year's track is named "Living the Fantasy" and includes Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Eminem, among others. Despite the eclectic list of names, DJ Earworm turns it all into a impressively coherent track with soaring beats as club-worthy as the their source materials. The song is also accompanied by a mashup of the tracks' music videos — you can watch it below, but be warned that like many great pop events this year, Miley Cyrus makes it a bit NSFW.