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YouTube delays streaming music service to next year

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YouTube Copyright Trademark (STOCK)
YouTube Copyright Trademark (STOCK)

YouTube's attempt to take on Spotify may have to wait a few more months. The Verge has confirmed that the upcoming subscription music and video service, which is yet to be officially announced, will not be available this year. All Things D first reported the news, saying that although YouTube has tied up all the necessary licensing deals, it still needs to do more work on the product itself. The service is said to be targeted for a release in the first quarter of 2014.

News broke of the unnamed service back in October, with sources saying at the time that it may see the light of day this year. Code relating to a "Music Pass" was also found in a recent version of YouTube for Android, hinting at features such as offline syncing, background playback, and "no ads on millions of songs." The service is expected to follow Spotify, Rdio, and others by offering a free version alongside a premium subscription fee of around $9.99.