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OneNote for Android updated with new widget and multi-window support

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Microsoft is updating its OneNote Android application today, adding some useful features to its note-taking app. While OneNote has previously supported simple widgets with quick access to photos, audio, and new notes, the latest update now includes a widget to display recent notes on the home screen. The widget supports recent notes by default, but you can also add pages, sections, or notebooks to the home screen.

Other improvements include a new share button that allows apps like Chrome and RSS readers to simply share links and content directly into a new OneNote. Microsoft has also added in support for the multi-window mode used on some of Samsung’s Galaxy devices, allowing the app to open side-by-side with other Android applications. Microsoft's latest OneNote changes follow recent updates to its Skype app, with both taking advantage of the more unique features of Google's mobile OS. The latest OneNote update is available immediately in the Google Play Store.