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LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker leaks a little early

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lg lifeband evleaks
lg lifeband evleaks

A new wearable device from LG has seemingly been exposed by prolific leaker Evleaks. Allegedly called LG Lifeband Touch, it appears to be a device in the same vein as LG's announced-but-never-released Smart Activity Tracker. That device, which debuted at CES in January 2013, was able to display notifications from your phone, such as text messages and calls, and also had built in GPS tracking and a heart rate monitor.

Last week, rumors circulated that LG was planning on releasing a pair of wearable devices, called the G-Arch and G-Health. The company told us it has "no products called G-Arch and G-Health in development," but it appears it is planning to announce a health-focused device soon. Little is known about the Lifeband Touch, beyond its supposed name and the above render, but with the CES 2014 trade show just a week away, it seems likely we'll hear more about the device sooner rather than later.