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Moto G for Verizon coming to Best Buy for $99.99 off-contract

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Moto G review 1020
Moto G review 1020

Last night, a leak showed that Verizon was getting ready to sell the Moto G off-contract for $100, even less than the already-low $179 price that Motorola's currently asking for the GSM version. Now, we're getting more details on this new Moto G varient — according to The Los Angeles Times, Best Buy will sell a no-contract Moto G for Verizon very soon at the rumored $99.99 price point. "The phone is currently landing in stores and is available for sale as soon as it arrives," Best Buy spokesman Jonathan Sandler told The LA Times. Verizon didn't have any comment, so it's not clear yet if this will be a Best Buy exclusive or if cheaper Moto G will end up in the carrier's stores eventually. Either way, this is the cheapest we've seen the Moto G for sale — if you can find a Verizon prepaid plan that works for you (and can live without LTE), this is a solid way to get a surprisingly good Android smartphone.