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Dell touts its humble startup soul in new 'Beginnings' ad spot

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Dell Dorm (youtube)
Dell Dorm (youtube)

Dell's no longer a public company, and in a new effort to shed its behemoth corporation image, the company's playing up its humble beginnings from Michael Dell's mini fridge-clad college dorm room. That takes the form of a one-minute ad spot called "Beginnings" that shows where various businesses were started, a list that includes both tech and non-tech companies alike. TripAdvisor, Skype, Dropbox, and Salesforce are featured, along with Whole Foods and Under Armour. Notably, there's no Apple, which famously began in Steve Jobs' garage, and that Michael Dell once suggested be shut down.

Compares Dell to startups like Skype and Dropbox

Dell went private at the end of October, a long and drawn out process that involved Dell himself, along with private equity firm Silverlake buying out the public company as part of a $24.9 billion deal. It all started in February, with Dell wanting to push his company from a computer maker to mobile devices. At the company's Dell World event in Austin, Texas earlier this month, Dell told attendees that he feels like he's currently "part of the world's biggest start-up."