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Any.Do's Cal dresses up your Android calendar

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Cal for Android
Cal for Android

The iPhone has a bevy of great calendar apps, such as Fantastical, Sunrise, and Tempo, but apart from the standard Google Calendar, there aren't as many great options on Android. That's changing today, as Any.Do is launching its Cal app for Android devices. Originally released for iOS this past summer, Cal features a modern interface with flashy animations and pretty backgrounds.

Cal for Android offers all of the same features as its iOS counterpart, including nine different photo themes and the heavy animations that you may either love or hate. It ties into your system's calendars, so whatever accounts you have syncing with your Android device will be available in Cal. The app also integrates with your contacts and navigation apps to easily add others to events or get directions to your next meeting. Sending an email or text message to all the attendees of an event is a simple tap away. You can even jump directly from Cal to Uber to call a car to bring you to your next appointment.

Android users also get some extra perks not yet available in the iOS version of the app. The Android edition supports landscape viewing, real-time sync with Google or Exchange calendars, better integration with Any.Do's to-do app, and a homescreen widget for viewing upcoming appointments.

Cal's heavy animations aren't for everyone — they add some fun and visual flair to what is otherwise a boring task (managing your calendar), but they can be a bit overbearing at times. But if you're looking for an alternative to the standard Google Calendar app's utilitarianism, Cal is worth a look. Cal for Android is free and available in the Google Play Store now.