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Visualize your music tastes with Spotify's Year in Review 2013

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Spotify year in review
Spotify year in review

As Christmas gets closer, it's something of an annual tech tradition for every company to summarize the past year. All these posts will show you what's been trending over the past year, but with its Year in Review 2013, Spotify has done things a little differently. Its page shows you all the most popular tracks (Macklemore's "can't hold us" is number one worldwide, in case you were wondering), albums, and artists globally over the year, but also lets you type in your Spotify credentials to see "Your Year in Review."

The personalized page tells you how many tracks you've streamed over the year, how many minutes you've streamed, your favorite artist, album, and playlist, and your top ten tracks. It'll also show you how many times you've streamed your favorite track. Depending on how honest you are with yourself about your tastes, the results will either be a fun reminder of your year or a harrowing reality check.


Spotify's personal spin on the "best of" tradition is similar to Facebook's 2012 effort, which showed you what it thought your top 20 moments of the year were. Spotify's site is a little overrun at the moment so you might experience a few errors when trying to access your data, but the company says it's working to fix the problems as soon as possible.