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Bruce Lee's iconic yellow jumpsuit is up for auction

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Bruce Lee Game of Death
Bruce Lee Game of Death

No one has ever worn yellow and black quite like Bruce Lee. The jumpsuit made famous by the martial arts master in Game of Death is being auctioned off in Hong Kong this week and could bring in as much as HKD 300,000 (nearly $38,670). Lee never finished the movie; he died in 1973 at the age of 32. But the colors (and jumpsuit) have become synonymous with Lee. As a show of respect, director Quentin Tarantino replicated the ensemble in Kill Bill. The colorway also inspired a limited edition pair of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

Other items in the auction — which commemorates the 40th anniversary of Lee's passing — include the wooden nunchaku used in the same film, also expected to fetch around HKD 300,000. A pendant designed by Lee himself is also up for grabs, and although the Kung Fu legend never wore it, the auction house still expects it to bring in bids up to HKD 200,000 (around $25,795). Lee reportedly gave many of the items to former student Taky Kimura, who then sold them to a private collector.