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Motorola reveals how you can buy a $349 Moto X today and Monday

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Moto X 1024
Moto X 1024

Motorola is preparing to give its big Moto X sale another go. After the company failed to meet expectations on Cyber Monday, it plans to offer a $150 discount on all off-contract Moto X models today starting at 12PM ET and again on Monday. As its second attempt approaches, Motorola has laid out exactly how the two-day sale will work. Beginning at noon, interested buyers can visit and register for the promotion. (The company promises "you'll know right away if quantities are still available" on each day.) After you've successfully registered, you'll receive a promo code "within a few hours" that will grant you the $150 discount.

The code will be active for one week, so Motorola is encouraging users to take their time in choosing a Moto Maker color scheme. Motorola isn't exactly sticking to its usual shipping timeframe of four days, but it claims that all purchases will arrive in time for the holidays. Buyers will receive an estimated delivery update at checkout, and Motorola will provide email updates both when assembly begins and when the Moto X finally ships.

Update: And nearly as quickly as it began, it is now over. Motorola has confirmed that all of the promotional codes for discounted Moto X phones have been given out for today and is directing interested shoppers to try their luck next Monday at 12PM ET when more will be released.