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Apple provides update on supply chain labor compliance

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apple iphone logo stock 1020
apple iphone logo stock 1020

Apple today provided an update on its supply chain labor compliance, revealing that as of October, its suppliers have achieved an average of 95 percent complying with the company's 60-hour work week. That's up from the 92 percent figure cited in Apple's 2013 Supplier Responsibility Report issued in January. Apple's keeps tabs on over 1 million workers per week in an attempt to cut down on excessive hours. It began keeping a closer eye on excessive labor in 2011, when Apple began tracking working hours weekly "at a handful of suppliers."

In 2012, the program was expanded significantly to include over 1 million supply chain employees. Apple and its manufacturing practices have been under the microscope for a number of years after major supplier Foxconn received a barrage of criticism over alleged abuses to its workforce.

Correction: Apple's 2013 Supplier Responsibility Report was initially released in January of this year. The company has now provided new figures that pull in statistics through October 2013.