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    'Viewpoint of Billions' uses Google Glass to make art look back at you

    'Viewpoint of Billions' uses Google Glass to make art look back at you

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    New York artist David Datuna debuted a Google Glass-powered interactive piece yesterday at Art Basel, one of the world's biggest modern art shows. Viewpoint of Billions is a giant 85-inch by 114-inch American flag covered with thousands of eyeglass lenses, but that's only the first layer.

    There are four cameras embedded in the piece, running on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Viewers who opt in by picking up one of the Glass devices on-site will be shown a feed of people looking at the painting in real time.

    Viewpoint of Billions is not just about you looking at the piece, it's about the piece being able to look back at you. It's about having an interactive experience with the painting," says Det Ansinn, founder of BrickSimple, the agency that helped Datuna develop the piece.

    "The artwork evolves with each interaction"

    Photos and videos taken from the painting's perspective as well as the viewer's perspective are being published on Datuna's site. Photos from the painting are also being posted on Tumblr. "The artwork evolves with each interaction, creating a timeline of itself," Datuna says on his site.