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Foursquare unveils major iOS7-style redesign with push recommendations for all users

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Foursquare 7 for iOS
Foursquare 7 for iOS

Foursquare is receiving a big design overhaul today on the iPhone. In Foursquare 7.0, the app dives much deeper into iOS 7 style, taking advantage of thin fonts and broad swaths of solid colors. Foursquare says the updated app is a lot faster, and it's trying to make exploring locations quicker too by displaying details on nearby places as soon as you open it. Other features of the app are now easier to get to as well, such as the to-do list, which was previously buried but is now just a swipe away in the sidebar. Longtime users are likely familiar with Foursquare's tendency to continually iterate its look and feel, and though today's update doesn't create a big shift, it makes the app both better looking and easier to use.

Alongside the design update, Foursquare is also activating its push recommendations for all users on iOS and Android. Using push notifications, the app might alert you when you enter a new city or restaurant, and will display suggestions on what to eat, where to go, or what your friends nearby have shown interest in. The notifications have been available to some users before now, but as of today, everyone will be able to receive them. Foursquare's aim has long been to help users find the best places, deals, and dishes around them, and with notifications for everyone, it's finally becoming much more proactive about making that happen.