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    Amazon said to be launching grocery service in San Francisco next week

    Amazon said to be launching grocery service in San Francisco next week

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    Denizens of San Francisco may soon be able to add fresh produce to their Amazon orders as part of an expansion to the company's AmazonFresh program. That $299-a-year service delivers grocery items overnight to customers, though it's currently limited to Seattle and Los Angeles. San Francisco is the next city on that list, says All Things D, which adds that some of the company's signature green trucks have already been spotted around the city. The company refused to comment on the report, saying it has "nothing to share."

    Buy your Hot Pockets in the browser

    Amazon quietly launched AmazonFresh in late 2007 in very limited distribution near its headquarters in Seattle. The service takes a page from now-defunct online services like and Webvan, turning the sometimes mundane task of shopping for basic necessities (like Hot Pockets) into a few clicks in the browser. That business was tough going for early stand-alone startups, though it has experienced a second wind with services like FreshDirect and Peapod. Amazon has also managed to fold AmazonFresh into its other basic services, bundling in Prime for purchasing other goods at the same time.

    According to All Things D, the service should get a formal announcement by Amazon next Tuesday, some six months after the company launched AmazonFresh in LA.