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Eagle steals camera, takes selfie

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Kimberly Land Council
Kimberly Land Council

If you were let down when it turned out that video of a Golden Eagle stealing a human child was just a fancy computer animation demo, a similar such creature in Western Australia has made up for it. Instead of a kid, a sea eagle on the banks of the Margaret River in the Kimberly snatched up a video camera that was set up to record footage of local saltwater crocodiles. What followed was a brief clip of the camera gone airborne, curious pecking, then the tragic realization that the camera was not something delicious.

The camera was not something delicious

The entire event, which runs less than a minute, was captured by local rangers who managed to get the camera returned to them. It was discovered weeks later an astonishing "100 kilometers upriver," from its original location, reports Australian radio station ABC Kimberley. You can watch the whole thing below, though you should definitely turn your sound down.