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Piixl Jetpack straps a SteamOS PC to the back of your TV

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British computer maker Piixl has a new SteamOS gaming box on the way that can go sight unseen in living rooms thanks to a design that latches onto the back of most flatscreen TV sets, walls, and underneath tables. The computer will run Valve's SteamOS, though according to Pocket-Lint, it will also be able to run Windows or Linux. Users can also install whatever graphics cards they want with what Piixl says will be "universal" GPU compatibility.

The computer disappears

In order to fit the hardware into multiple places, it's been designed with an expandable chassis that can stretch out to latch on to larger areas using a standard VESA mount. That will work on TV sets between 32 to 70 inches, the company says. It's essentially a follow-up to the Piixl's EdgeCenter computer, which aimed to turn older TV sets into media center machines with apps and games.

The Jetpack will be available in multiple configurations beginning next month, though Valve's SteamOS is still in development. Piixel tells The Verge that it's in touch with Valve and wants to make the hardware "deeply optimized" for SteamOS. That free operating system is built off of Linux, promising features like game sharing between family members, game streaming from other computers, and online music and video services. It's joined by a growing number of so-called Steam Machines, computers designed with SteamOS in mind.