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Professional origami artist wants you to fund his giant white elephant

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Artist needs $24,000 to craft an enormous elephant from one piece of paper

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Elephant Origami
Elephant Origami

Origami artist Sipho Mabona is seeking funding to craft a life-sized elephant from a single piece of paper. Mabona, who has made a living from his origami art, wants to use a sheet of paper measuring 2,500 square feet to create a free-standing elephant that will stand 10 feet tall. He's calling the project White Elephant, and has taken to crowdfunding in order to raise the $24,000 he needs for the project. Should he reach his funding goal, Mabona will live-stream footage of the elephant's creation.

Mabona already has a location for the folding (a museum in Beromünster, Switzerland), and says he needs money to buy the giant sheet of paper, pay the three assistants that will help him fold his creation, seal and support the elephant once it's been erected, and film / broadcast the whole thing.

You can help Mabona fold his dream elephant by heading to the project's Indiegogo page. Donation amounts range from $1 to $2,000, and most of the perks are origami related. For $1-$9, you'll get an instructional video showing you how to fold a fox, a swan, a rose, or an elephant, while all higher perks will net you a physical item, such as folded origami art or limited edition prints. The campaign ends on January 1st, 2014, and all the perks should be delivered by February, 2014.