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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's collaborative variety show 'HitRecord on TV' premieres January 18th

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HitRecord on TV
HitRecord on TV

For the past few years, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's online production company HitRecord has facilitated the collaborative creation of thousands of multimedia projects. Now, the star is taking that content to TV through what he describes as a "half-hour variety show" featuring short films, music, animation, and live performances. Gordon-Levitt says the show has been made by "hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, and it's really different."

Although described as a production company, HitRecord is very different from the average studio. Each piece the company creates is made collaboratively by users under the direction of Gordon-Levvitt, with contributors sharing a cut of the profits. Music, film, and prose have been created in this way, with the production credits on a short film often featuring hundreds of users' names. Gordon-Levvitt often appears in these projects, either acting, speaking, or singing a part. The show premieres January 18th on the cable network Pivot, but if you'd like to see the sort of content that'll be making its way over to the show, Pivot has a collection of HitRecord's short films along with introductions explaining how they came to be.