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Al Jazeera America now on Time Warner Cable and Bright House as it works to gain viewers

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IMAGE CREDIT: AL JAZEERA AMERICA. Photo of: anchor Jonathan Betz
IMAGE CREDIT: AL JAZEERA AMERICA. Photo of: anchor Jonathan Betz

Al Jazeera America, the US-based news outlet that just went live a few months ago, is now on more TVs across the country. Starting today, Time Warner Cable is carrying the channel in its major markets of New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, and Bright House is also including the network in its lineups. Time Warner Cable plans to roll out the channel to the rest of its customers in March. The deals, which were struck back in October, bring Al Jazeera America to 55 million homes around the country, up from the 44 million it was in previously. About 100 million homes subscribe to cable and satellite TV. Both cable operators previously dropped the channel back when it was Al Gore's Current TV, so a new agreement had to be made.

The Qatar-owned network has prided itself on in-depth reporting of important news stories. John Seigenthaler, one of the high-profile TV journalists who's now working for the network, said earlier this year that "they are not interested in ratings, they are interested in delivering the news." To date, Al Jazeera America has struggled to gain any sizable viewership, with roughly 25,000 tuned into the channel depending on the time of day. Now that large parts of New York and Los Angeles can view the channel, however, that might pick up. Notably, both Time Warner Cable and Bright House will have HD versions of the network, unlike Comcast, Verizon FiOS, DirecTV, and Dish.

Update: For Time Warner Cable subscribers, Al Jazeera America is on channel 785 in New York and 445 in Los Angeles.