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New 'Terminator' TV series on the way, will intersect with film reboot

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In addition to rebooting the Terminator series into a brand-new trilogy, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures are developing a TV series that will complement the revived movie franchise. According to Deadline, the show is being written in conjunction with the first film of the new trilogy, set for release in June 2015. While plot details are scarce, the series will reportedly follow a critical moment from the original Terminator, but will go down a different narrative path.

The Terminator was last seen on TV only five years ago in the short-lived Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For this outing, the companies involved want to create a universe reminiscent of what Marvel has recently done with its films and fan-favorite Agents of SHIELD, with storylines that intersect across mediums. Arnold Schwarzenegger has already signed on for the next film, though there is no word on if he'll make his way to the small screen for this project.