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Six hospitalized in Mexico from radiation exposure, suspected in cobalt-60 hijacking

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winding road stock 1020

Now days after the highly radioactive material cobalt-60 was stolen in a Mexican truck heist that put the UN on alert, six people have been hospitalized for possible radiation exposure. An unnamed Mexican official told the AP that the six were all suspects in Monday's theft. However, despite previous claims that the thieves were doomed, none of those being tested appear to be in grave danger.

"No immediate signs of radiation poisoning"

The six people were reportedly arrested on Thursday and taken to a general hospital in Pachuca. Hidalgo state Health Minister Pedro Luis Noble said members of the group suffered from skin irritation, dizziness, and in one instance vomiting, but none showed immediate signs of radiation poisoning. Officials are now pressed with determining how each member may have been involved in the theft, if at all.

The situation garnered international attention this week after the UN announced on Wednesday that two gunmen had hijacked a truck carrying the "extremely dangerous" cobalt-60, a radioactive material used in industrial applications and potentially in dirty bombs. The truck was recovered 24 miles away from the hijacking site, but the substance had been removed from its casing, exposing the thieves to radiation in the process.