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Enormous world exploration sim 'No Man's Sky' announced from 'Joe Danger' creator Hello Games

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No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

It's a big leap from cartoonish motorcycle racing game Joe Danger to a nearly infinite, sci-fi exploration simulator, but that's where British studio Hello Games looks to go with its just-announced title No Man's Sky. Unveiled this evening at Spike's VGX Awards, Polygon reports that the ambitious-sounding game is said to be procedurally generated down to "every atom," suggesting that the world that the player comes in contact with — or worlds, in this case — will be unique to their personal playing experience. Even the creatures you encounter are procedurally generated. Considering the fact that Hello Games has only four employees, the technique makes sense: the developers can concentrate less on designing an enormous universe themselves and more on the mechanics of the game. Space-based combat with other real players will factor prominently into the equation.

There's no word on a release date or platform, but check out the trailer from VGX below.