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'Titanfall' introduces more mechanized firepower in two new trailers

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titanfall ogre 640
titanfall ogre 640

Titanfall is one of the most hotly anticipated next-gen games, potentially even the first killer app for the new Xbox One, and there's good reason for that. Tonight, we've been treated to two new trailers ahead of the game's March 11th, 2014 release date. At the Spike VGX video game awards show, Respawn Entertainment introduced two more of the game's titular Titans, the hulking mechanized suits that bring devastating firepower to the battlefield.

Feast your eyes on the Ogre, a heavily armored, slow-moving brawler that can literally rip the arms off an enemy mech, and the Stryder, a far lighter Titan that can nimbly dodge missiles with rapid dash maneuvers and quickly flank foes.

The trailers also introduce Hammond Robotics, the fictional company that designed the Titans in Titanfall's sci-fi world. Hammond Robotics now has a full website to its name, as well as a Twitter account. According to GameSpot, a new teaser phone line — 1-888-88-TITAN — hints that the company will host a beta for Titanfall in the near future. Titanfall is an Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC exclusive, and will be released in March.