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Skater comedy produced by Rob Dyrdek reportedly headed to Xbox One

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rob dyrdek (MTV)
rob dyrdek (MTV)

Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios has quite a job to fill, producing original video content as part of the company’s quest for absolute living room dominance. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a live-action show based on the Halo universe, and in October it added a street soccer reality show called Every Street United to the lineup. Now, Deadline Hollywood is announcing that a still-untitled comedy about retired pro skaters is making its way to the Xbox One sometime in the future.

The project is being executive produced by skater and MTV regular Rob Dyrdek and written by Ian Edelman, creator of How to Make it in America. It’s no surprise that Microsoft is targeting skateboarding given its long history of video game tie-ins, and with the company working on "literally hundreds of ideas," we’re expecting to hear about a lot more shows in the next few months.