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Edward Norton stars in Verizon mini-movie about Droids and daring

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'It's not a toy, it's a Droid.'

ed norton droid commercial
ed norton droid commercial

It's become something of a habit for the NFL's Sunday slate of games to host the latest new commercial campaigns from tech companies and this week's been no different. Verizon is running an ad campaign titled 48 Hours, in which Ed Norton and his trusty Droid Maxx run through an intense barrage of calamity, misadventure, karaoke, and romance in the space of two days. The kicker is that, at the end of it all, even after Norton's been bagged and tagged in the morgue, both he and his Droid are still going.

There's plenty of Google promotion here too, with the "OK Google" hands-free command showing its usefulness in situations where you're tied up and left hanging upside down in an axeman's hut. It's a little surprising to see Verizon investing so heavily in promoting the Droid brand, which seemed to have been left on the back burner, but it's not uncommon. HTC engaged in a similarly extensive promotional campaign with Robert Downey Jr., Samsung has been collecting athlete endorsements, and even Ashton Kutcher's been spotted wearing a Lenovo Product Engineer name badge.