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AT&T partners with Rogers to offer LTE data roaming in Canada

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

AT&T customers can now access LTE data speeds when visiting Canada thanks to a newly announced pact with Rogers. This marks the first time that a major US carrier has offered the option of international LTE roaming. AT&T describes the Rogers LTE network as the fastest in Canada, claiming that it reaches 70 percent of Canadians "and continues to expand."

The carrier says all of its existing LTE-capable smartphones will run on Rogers without a problem, but don't expect LTE roaming to come cheap. AT&T is bundling LTE access into its Data Global Add-on packages, which start at 120MB for $30 per month. Other tiers get you more data for higher prices: customers can choose 300MB for $60 or 800MB for $120. So unless LTE is an absolute necessity for whatever task you're carrying out, grabbing a prepaid SIM from a local carrier during visits up north remains the most financially sustainable option.