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New York Police Department unveils interactive map of major crimes

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NYC Crime Map
NYC Crime Map

The New York Police Department isn't known for its technological savvy, but a new map unveiled on Sunday might help to change that reputation. The new tool offers a look at the major crimes reported in the city, broken down by zip code and population density. The result is a surprisingly thorough look at the prevalence of crime in the city, superimposed onto the familiar shape of a Google Map.

Still, like most maps, the NYPD's latest project is only as good as its data feed, and there's reason to doubt whether this data is entirely accurate. The department has been accused of fudging stats in the past, and the map comes in the midst of a troubling shift away from transparency. Just last week, the department announced its precincts would stop giving individual crime reports to journalists, instead routing requests through the notoriously tight-lipped Deputy Commissioner for Public Information.