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Time Warner Cable 'certainly open' to including Netflix on its set-top boxes

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Time Warner Cable logo (1020)
Time Warner Cable logo (1020)

Rob Marcus, who will become CEO of Time Warner Cable in January, says his company is open to the possibility of adding Netflix to its set-top boxes. "There is the other question of whether or not we ought to make some of these online services available on the set-top box," he said during remarks at an industry conference on Monday. "I think that's an interesting concept, and we're certainly open to it." Netflix has reportedly held talks with numerous cable operators about the possibility of including its streaming service on consumer cable boxes. It's already managed to bring UK provider Virgin Media on board; the two reached an agreement back in September.

Making inroads with US cable companies would help get Netflix in even more homes — without requiring consumers to purchase extra hardware. But while Time Warner Cable seems to be considering the idea, Comcast CEO Neil Smit recently said Netflix integration is "not really a high priority" for his company. Marcus, too, didn't make it sound like Time Warner Cable is in any rush. Instead, he pointed to the TWC TV app as evidence that the company has embraced a multi-device strategy. “When TWC TV is on Roku, it’s sitting right next to Netflix,” he said. On that note, Marcus claimed that TWC will soon begin supporting another platform, and the incoming CEO said specifics will be announced this week. Earlier this year, it was reported that TWC and Apple were nearing a deal to bring Time Warner Cable's app to Apple TV.