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Pandora's iOS app now does wake up calls, feature coming to Android soon

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In the latest from Pandora's quest to make people listen to more music, the company's added a new feature in its mobile app that will start blasting songs to wake you up first thing in the morning. Users set when they want to wake up, and what station they want to play, and the app runs just like a standard system alarm. There are, however, special features, such as adjusting what volume you want music to blare at, and an adjustable snooze function that works by shaking the phone.

Shake to snooze

The feature arrives on iOS as part of an update today, and will eventually headed to Android users, though Pandora did not specify when. It's a follow-up to the company's sleep-timer feature from a few months ago, which will play a particular artist station for a time before shutting off.