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Watch this: the arresting power of ultra high definition ink drops

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ink drops
ink drops

The sight of blue and yellow blobs crashing into a slow-motion explosion of green on your screen is usually entertaining enough in itself, but how about cranking up its resolution to a mighty 4096 x 2304? That's what Jacob Schwarz has done, with the help of a RED Epic camera, a Canon 100mm macro lens, and Adobe's Premiere CS6 software. Together with his partner Katie Schwarz, Jacob has put together three minutes of stunningly detailed footage of ink drops diluting and intermingling in water.

Admittedly, you're unlikely to be able to appreciate its full beauty, given the still scarce availability of affordable 4K displays, but that's a classic chicken and egg issue: the more awesome content we have to watch like this, the more we'll feel compelled to splash out on the hardware for it. Either way, this video and its light, ethereal soundtrack by Tony Anderson are well worth enjoying on whatever screen you happen to be reading this on.