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Documents revealing spring release for Android Key Lime Pie taken down by Qualcomm

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Key lime pie
Key lime pie

On Wednesday, Android Police published information from leaked Qualcomm slides that showed the tentative release date for the next version of Android, "Key Lime Pie." The slides indicate that the Android "K-release" will be announced during "spring 2013." The date neatly lines up with this year's Google I/O, scheduled for May 15-17th. Shortly after posting the slides, Android Police, and other sites repeating the story, were ordered to remove the information by Qualcomm.

It's not clear if the takedown was related to the Key Lime Pie timeframe — cited as a "Google Estimated Release" — or information regarding future Qualcomm chip development, but the fact that the chipmaker scrambled to suppress the information indicates that the spring date may be accurate. After all, Qualcomm supplies the chips for a huge number of Android handsets, so it probably has a good idea of Google's plans.