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Verizon rolls out new prepaid wireless plans, but only for 3G smartphones

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Verizon stock 1020 2
Verizon stock 1020 2

Verizon Wireless today announced a pair of prepaid smartphone plans for "budget-minded" consumers. Both provide users with unlimited voice minutes and SMS messaging, but differ in terms of data caps. A $60 plan will net you 500MB of data, whereas spending $10 more will bring that limit to a much more manageable 2GB. Unfortunately the new prepaid options are only compatible with a range of 3G smartphones — Verizon isn't letting you use any the carrier's popular 4G LTE handsets on a prepaid basis. It claims "many" devices are compatible with the new plan, including various Android, (legacy) BlackBerry and iOS hardware. In the case of iOS, that should mean both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are included. Both plans are available immediately as of today, and you'll find the full list of support phones at Verizon's website below.